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how to make baklava baklava recipe

How to make baklava (Baklava recipe)

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How to make baklava (Baklava recipe)

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Recipe by Me To Mati #passionfoodCourse: DessertDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


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Baklava is made from layers of filo pastry filled with chopped walnuts and held together by honey syrup.


  • Phyllo/filo sheets (24 pieces – store bought)

  • 4 cups walnuts (finely ground)

  • 1 cup white sugar

  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder

  • 1 teaspoon clove powder

  • 40grams butter (melted)

  • 1 cup lukewarm water

  • Syrup Ingredients
  • 3 cups of water

  • 2 cups honey

  • 3 Cups White Sugar

  • ½ lemon (wedges)

  • 1 cinnamon stick


  • Finely grind walnuts.baklava
  • Add sugar, cinnamon powder and clove powder.
  • Combine ingredients and set aside.
  • Melt butter and apply a thick layer to a baking tray.
  • Add phyllo/filo sheets to the baking tray, applying melted butter between each sheet.
  • Repeat process for six sheets.
  • Add a thick layer of the walnut and spice mix and add 2 phyllo/filo sheets, applying melted butter between sheets.
  • Repeat process for 3 layers.
  • Add top layer phyllo/filo sheets, applying melted butter between sheets (6 sheets).
  • Fold phyllo/filo ends inwards, applying melted butter and adding a further sheet on top.filo for baklava
  • Apply further melted butter to top layer sheet ensuring to coat melted butter all over the top layer, applying lukewarm water over the top layer of phyllo/filo.
  • Using a sharp knife, cut the baklava into even square pieces.greek desserts recipes
  • Bake baklava @ 160 C for 60 minutes or until top layer is golden brown.
  • Prepare the syrup by adding water, cinnamon stick, lemons, sugar and honey to a pot.baklava ingredients
  • Combine ingredients, stirring through thoroughly and allowing to the mixture to reduce until mixture turns into syrup.
  • Add a generous quantity of syrup over cooled baklava.syrup for baklava recipe
  • Apply cinnamon powder over baklava.

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  • Adding lukewarm water over the top layer of phyllo/filo will ensure ease of cutting through of baklava.

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